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Rejection on Facebook? It’s Not About You!

Fear of Reaction in Client Attraction MarketingOne of the unrelenting hidden conflicts to big success for entrepreneurs is fear of rejection when connecting online (or offline for that matter). At times this fear is fairly conscious. You know that you are stalling asking for the business and sales because you’re afraid your potential clients will flat out say no to you.

Other times the fear is hidden in your subconscious, making a huge impact you’re not at times conscious of. Some of you may find yourself procrastinating about making a phone call or setting up a sales appointment with someone that you connected with on Facebook, and blame it on laziness or that you just don’t have the time. Or you may avoid following up because you “don’t want to be pestering people.” You feel like it would be pushy to ask them openly to buy your products or services.

Or perhaps it just appears easier to spend time just chatting back and forth on Facebook, or hiding out behind your computer and just buying some Facebook ads, than it does to have a one-to-one connection, and sales conversation with a potential client who has shown interest in your products or services. After all isn’t that what client attraction is all about? Don’t they have to come to you?

While there can be subtle resistance to directly speaking with your potential clients it can show that you are consciously or unconsciously steering clear of situations where you might be told no to your face.

Sometimes, you can be a little nervous when asking for the business. The possibility of being rejected may bring up some old baggage that you have been carrying around with you from the past, and it is still haunting you today.

You may not even be aware these long forgotten memories of rejection are being triggered in you right now. You just see how hard it is to make the calls or do lead follow ups, and don’t follow through on it.

If you ignore your fear of rejection, it’s eventually going to catch up with you. It’s going to stop you in your tracks from making offline connections that you need to make, have you leave money and opportunities on the table, and compel you into choosing easier, but much less effective ways to improve your client attraction.

The rejection is not about you. When a potential client from Facebook decides not to do business with you, it’s simply a business transaction. Your potential client is deciding whether or not to spend their money on purchasing a service. Their choice has nothing at all to do with your worth as a person, or entrepreneur for that matter.

Do you take it personally when they say:

-You are too expensive! They are simply choosing to spend that money on something else, or they might have changed their mind because it was out of their price range.

– They found someone else more qualified, which simply means they found someone who has more experience than you do.

– They say “maybe later,” “let me think about it,” or “I’m not ready.” Yes, it’s disappointing to lose a potential client or sale, but the actual drawback is when you let the possibility of a frustration to stop you from getting other clients and sales.
The next time a potential client tells you that they don’t want to work you right now or they choose to work with someone else, don’t allow yourself to turn that response to do business into a rejection of you. Potential clients who say no are not saying there is something wrong with you.

Choose to hear a no to your service or products as for what it really is, which a business decision made on a present set of circumstances that exist for them right now. It’s about their time, money, requirements, choices, and priorities. It’s not really about you.

Of course this article covers you offering a service or program that is of high quality, and of high value. It is a whole other article around whether or not your product or service is overpriced, or you were unable to have a sales conversation. Remember, that when you are attracting ideal clients, you will have less of these types of situation take place in your business.

The Dirty Little Secrets Behind Getting IDEAL Clients on Facebook!

Facebook Marketing SecretsYou may have heard getting clients from Facebook is easy and a smart business decision. And it is. There are several benefits to getting clients from Facebook as part of your attraction marketing. However, there are dirty little secrets around getting the right clients from Facebook.

You see, when you’re reaching out to possible clients on Facebook, you rarely run into difficult situations. You may run into other challenges with getting the right clients but not getting the actual clients themselves. But, unfortunately, the unpleasant reality is there are clients that you should never work with and doing business online and offline go hand-in-hand. When you’re first confronted with this, it can throw a lot of entrepreneurs for a big loop. Even if you know intellectually you’ll get some clients here and there, emotionally it’s a much tougher pill to swallow when after all the work that you did they are not an ideal match.

What I’ve found ends up happening is entrepreneurs make up “stories” around attracting less than ideal clients online that simply aren’t true. The stories that you make up inside your head, keep you stuck and playing small. For instance, you might say to yourself, “If only I had given more, or done more they will have worked with me, even though they were far from a perfect match.”

So let’s take a minute and talk about attracting less than ideal clients on Facebook and bring these dirty little secrets into the spotlight. On average when speaking to possible clients you can have anywhere from 10-20% of them be less than ideal. If your rate is higher than that, you may have a positioning issue, or you’re selling to the wrong ideal client, or you need to apply much better client attraction strategies.

So let’s assume your less than ideal client rate is at or below average. Let’s look at the main reasons why clients could be less than ideal so that you can improve your client attraction strategies starting now. And the secrets are as follows:

1. You are not the right coach or mentor for them.

There is nothing wrong with the services or product that you offer. This is where the “stories” often come in that it just isn’t right for them. Entrepreneurs spend tons of time, money and energy creating services and programs and then when someone turns it down, this sends them into a downward spiral. They immediately come to the conclusion that there’s a problem with them. If this is something that has been happening in your practice, I can assure you that you’re fine. How can I possibly know that? Simply because you are concerned about it. Entrepreneurs who offer low quality and ineffective service or programs rarely are concerned about it. They are more concerned about just getting it sold, and will sell to anyone who is breathing and has a credit card.

So why aren’t your services or program right for them? It could be that it’s too simple or too advanced for where they’re at right now in their business. It is likely that they are not your ideal client. It has little to do with you, and more do with them being less than an ideal match.

2. They have second thoughts.

This has nothing to do with you. Perhaps they run into a money issue, and they decide to not use your services or programs.

3. They sound interested and then something unforeseen happens.

Whatever it is, it disrupts them from their business plans and they have to put things on hold or rethink what they’re doing or the direction that they are going in.

4. They are out to take advantage of you.

This is a small group of people, however it does happen. There are some people out there who are looking for ways to get something for nothing. Just know that there are some out there.

The better that you get at filtering the less than ideal clients, the more improved your client attraction will be of the right client. Although a lot of these things are out of a person’s control, it isn’t always you, and there are some things that are out of your control. I think people have to take some responsibility when things aren’t going as planned, and get better at filtering out the less than ideal clients. This will massively improve your client attraction, and business attraction results.

Online Habits That Make Your Business Easy Breezy! (And Profitable)

Online Habits Time ManagementI am always asked for some tips and strategies by coaching clients on how to make their online experience easier so that they can spend more time speaking with their clients, while improving their client and business attraction. They just want it to be easy breezy and simple, and of course, profitable.

Here are some tips and strategies to get you started:

1. Write brief emails. Write emails with only a few sentences, typically between two and five. If you focus on keeping it short, specific and focused then you’ll have more of your potential clients actually read them and respond.

2. Check blog comments, email, Facebook, etc., twice a day. Making your online checking a routine not only decreases how many times a day you check the same sites, it also reduces aimless online browsing. On the flip side, you will be able to respond to potential clients in a timely manner.

3. Trim your feeds by using a RSS reader. If you don’t want to drop all your RSS-feeds entirely, think about trimming them. Trim it down to the top 10 feeds that you read the most. This way you can focus on the important money making activities in your business whether it be online or off.

4. Subscribe to a select few blogs or newsletters via email. This lessens the clutter and distractions in your inbox. There is usually an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of newsletters etc.

5. Single task to become less distracted. Do one thing at a time and finish it before moving on to the next thing. This stops you from letting hours of time each week disappear. Imagine how clear headed and present you will be when you pick up the phone and speak to someone? And for all of you multi-taskers out there, this keeps you laser focused and you actually get more done in less time.

6. Reduce Instant Messaging availability. If you are accessible on MSN Messenger, Skype or the chat function for Facebook then people will most likely want to talk to you. This can create many interruptions and you’ll spend a lot of time catching up or having random chats. There is nothing wrong with chatting, just make sure that it doesn’t keep you from focusing on your most important things.

7. Limit your visit to online forums. Online forums can be excellent support groups, but think about your forum use and how you can improve your forum habits. Perhaps you can just check your favourite forum and post once or twice a day? Or unregister from the ones that you just spend time on but don’t really get that much out of?

8. Create a to-do list. Create a list that has 3-5 things a day. Only the two or three most important tasks are at the top of the list. This keeps you focused and helps you to remember what to focus on each day.

9. Use a calendar for your schedule. This one helps you to get started with doing something at the right time, and to finish it within a certain period of time.

10. Set time limits. This is a great way to start and complete projects. You have a start time and a finish time, and will complete many more things than if you just randomly work on each one with no set time period.

In a fast paced world, using these strategies and tips will redirect your time to what is important, improve your connections and last but not least your profits. The more clear and concise you are every day about where your focus is; the more likely you are to improve your client attraction, retention and Law of Attraction results. Guaranteed!

Personal Leadership to Attract Plenty of Ideal Clients!

Attract Ideal ClientsPersonal leadership books, blogs, and programs can be amazing resources to help you improve your business. Over the last few years, as an avid reader, learner, and Master Coach, I have learned a few things that helped me to make better use of that information to get bigger and better results, and fill my practice.

I would like to share those things with you today. I have also included a link here to an interview that I recently did that expands on this topic around authentic big thinking leadership at:

1. Common sense.

It’s easy to be pulled into thinking that gurus or teachers know everything. I wonder who makes them gurus anyways. Do they have a guru university? A book, program or blog can’t know or understand specifically what you dream about and all the positive and negative experiences you have been through in your business or life. No one can know you better than you know yourself. Period!

So it is critical to use your own common sense with any advice, strategies, or tips you are given. Sometimes it may mean that you count on what someone knows and so you take a big leap of faith. Sometimes it may mean that you recognize that something does not live up to the hype and outlandish promises but still has valuable things to offer. Sometimes it may mean to dismiss something because it just doesn’t sound right or feel right to you. I am encouraging to follow your gut feeling as it will always point you in the right direction.

2. Find what fits you, drop the rest.

There are a lot of strategies, advice and tips going around. I encourage you to find what works and fits you the best, not someone like you. And then you can drop all of the other stuff, or information that you have tried and are not getting the results that you deserve.

3. Know that it’s the doing and experience that actually changes you.

Rather than over think it, step into the leadership role and really immerse all of yourself into it.

Try modelling big thinking leaders, people, coaches or mentors who are already where you want to be, and are already doing what you want to be doing. Use their model of how they are being as a leader, and what they are doing and saying as leaders. As you gain experience and confidence in yourself and start seeing real results, you will grow into a leader with influence authentically.

4. It can be simple and effortless.

When you have a problem that feels really big or have been there for a long time then it’s easy to think that you need a complex solution to solve it. And that your problem is really complex.

In fact doing things, and failing at them can help you learn. You need to expose yourself to pain and discomfort. I suggest to my coaching clients to triple their mistakes and double their success. By over-complicating things and over thinking them you can create an excuse to not take action, which can keep you stuck.

By making things more complicated than they need to be you can also make them feel very important. And since you are involved in these important things, then you have to be important too, right?

This way of going about things can make you feel good or okay in a funny kind of way. In other words, it keeps you in your comfort zone and in familiar feelings which in this case can limit you. It also stops you from growing and developing.

Look at what other people, who are doing what you want to achieve, are doing. It may not be the answer you are looking for or want – because it is not the magic bullet or some insider secret super duper solution – but it is simply what actually really works.

5. Patience.

Some things may take longer than you hoped for. Business does have its bumps, bruises and bonuses. Remain patient, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward step by step, inch by inch, or if you are ready, then take massive big leaps.

6. Ask for help.

If you feel seriously stuck, and are not sure how to develop your courage muscles to become a bigger and better leader then please seek help. A book or blog can only go so far. Hire a coach or mentor who can keep you accountable to your goals and dreams while you are growing and evolving.

Do you want to become the best version of yourself and improve your client attraction and retention? Listen to an interview on proven tips, and strategies on authentic leadership for those are ready to leap forward in their growth:

Now, that you have listened to the recording you are excited and passionate about using those new skills that you heard about. I encourage you to step it up, and live and work like you mean it.

Client Attraction Marketing Mindset

Attraction Marketing MindsetChecking in: Do you have a method for checking in with every potential client until they say either yes or no, or disqualify themselves in some way? Are you able to finish all the attraction steps for each marketing approach you are using to monetize it?

Without consistent checking in, most of your marketing effort is time that will mostly not pay off. The potential client will need to hear from you many times before choosing to work with you. In the meantime, you are creating the “know, like, trust and desire to work with you” factor. And most attraction marketing approaches need a good solid checking in element on a consistent basis to succeed.

Attraction Marketing Mindset:

Are the attraction strategies and tactics you are using to connect with your market the most highly effective approaches available to you? Are they suitable for your niche market, and a great match for your gifts, skills, talents and even your personality? Now that you have gone through these attraction marketing suggestions, and done a reality check in your business then should you think about changing how you market your business.

Here is the truth that others may not share with you, unless you are in one of their programs: your attraction plan may not need to be modified at all. Whether you’ve been marketing yourself with direct mail, speaking engagements, or social media, once you are spending the right amount of time, marketing to the right people, delivering the right targeted message, and checking in consistently, your results attraction marketing will improve dramatically. The time to change your plan is when it is not working for you in the way that you want, after you have done all of the above.

Finding new or different attraction marketing approaches is where most people believe that they need to fix their marketing, when in fact; it is one of the worst places to start, and typically the least effective of all. Where you will get more bang for the buck are those that involve face to face contact with your potential clients, increase your visibility, credibility, and building solid relationships over a period of time. You are more likely to succeed when applying your personal gifts and talents in person, rather than hiding behind a computer or your marketing material that you send out.

Once you have figured out what it is that might be stopping your attraction marketing from being ultra successful, make a commitment to work on what isn’t working, change it or remove it, and add more of what is working. Rather than chase the next new shiny object being offered in the marketing world, that offers boatloads of new traffic, or building your list, or whatever the hyped up offer, fix what you already have first. Then when you have your attraction marketing running smoothly and efficiently add another element or source of revenue building to your marketing mix.

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