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Where are you leaving money on the table in your business? (Plug these holes before you go down like the Titanic!)

Holes in BusinessI often hear from new members in my programs that they are leaving money on the table, and plenty of it. I want to help you get started finding those places and plugging those holes up fast. I had a client last week send me her tracking numbers for last year and she can attribute finding at least $71, 456.03 in income from what we worked on together. WOW! That would be one heck of a nice car (Yes, I’m a car lover). How about you? Where are you leaving money on the table in your business? Check out this list and start building your own net worth without spending a dime.

This requires you to be drop dead serious about where you really are right now, and what needs to change- FAST. I have used these strategies with many of my clients and I want to share them with you.

Rate your current business in each of these critical areas on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is “I have nothing going on at all” and 10 is “I am at rock star status.” So here is the deal. Each one of these ideally would be an “8” or higher. If you are less than a “6” work on that area and master it and then move on. Or for those of you, who rather would have help, rather than do it on your own get some help right away.

Big Thinking Business Mission and Vision

You have a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve in your business, how you will make a difference, and what your business will look like in the next 1,3 and 5 years. Your mission and vision drives all of your personal, professional and business choices, decisions and actions. And you feel so strong about it, that it excites you and most importantly you own it.

Consistent Generating of New Ideal Leads

You have a system for consistently generating new ideal client leads into your business. Take a look at each of your revenue streams such as each area of your social media platforms, blogs, website, articles, and reports for starters. If your systems are really working for you then you will have a very responsive list or database of followers, who buy what you offer. How many new qualified people are you adding a week to your list? You might be surprised to know that number needs to be really significant to ensure consistent growth in your business. This number can be anywhere from 10-30 a week, and remember it is quality over quantity.

Converting Ideal Leads and Lead Follow Up

You have a well organized system that not only does the lead follow up but also converts them in to loyal clients who use your services again and again. This could include your eZine, blog, in person events, teleclasses, info products, direct mail and more. Your marketing is one of your client attraction tools, it contains lead follow up and lead conversion tools so that you have more clients and sales than you can currently handle.

Ideal Client Relationships

You have a rock solid system for creating fascination and ideal client attraction for consistently pre-qualifying, creating engagement and connection, and supporting your current clients, and potential ideal clients to build lifetime loyal relationships. This starts from the day that they ask to work with you, to how you welcome them, and under promise and over deliver in their expectations when working with you and after they work with you. You have in place the next step that would be perfect for them.

Consistent Income Producing Revenue Streams

You have at least three active revenue streams and three passive revenue streams at work in your business. This includes entry level products, programs, and services to introduce your ideal clients to what you have to offer. Revenue streams that are active are ones where you can count on creating money right now, and passive revenue streams are where you have income even while you are sleeping. This allows you to create income from different areas of your business, and creates freedom, opportunity, less stress, financial security, and a predictable income.

Strategic Collaborations

You are consistently creating new joint venture collaborations to speed up the growth of your business and sales. Are you doing this by collaborating on tele-seminars, tele-classes, events, collaborating on creating new products and services, promoting of each other current products, being a contributor their eZine or group? By doing these activities you are increasing your credibility, visibility and profitability while increasing your market share.

Technologically Adept

You are consistently using different forms of technology to automate different parts of your business. There are many areas where you can save your precious time, money and energy. Are you using auto responders, outsourcing your newsletter, publishing, tracking, podcasts, blog and shopping carts, and websites etc? By using more of the right technology you free up your time, and put your marketing, client retention and attraction on speed dial.

Dream Team

You have a dream team that fully supports and challenges you to grow, who are creative and out of the box thinkers in all areas of your business. This allows you to stay laser focused on doing what you do best which is sharing your gifts and talents with your target audience while your business is running smoothly. This dream team could include client care manager, mastermind group, virtual assistant, copy writer, marketing strategist, and accountant etc. This allows you to leverage yourself and focus on growth, planning and business building.

Automate, Delegate and Replicate Systems

You have gone through each area of your business to see where you can automate, delegate and replicate systems. This will definitely open up time that you never knew that you had while increasing your productivity, leverage, freedom, and grow your business to wherever you want it to go. You have documented all the processes in your business such as how things get done in your business, how your eZine is published, setting up a new client, client retention systems, attraction and fascination marketing, product development and fulfillment, and more.

Market Fascination and Leadership

You have strongly positioned yourself as the market leader, and go to person, the expert in your industry. You stand for something, are creative, think outside of the box, have an opinion, and are in a business that speaks of results, benefits and solutions. For an example of how I am doing that in my business. You know what is going on in your industry, share the truth and observations about it. You invest in you and your business to be on the cutting edge of things, and even your colleagues wonder what you are up and want to model your business. Your client attraction is easy, effortless, profitable and fun. You have a waiting list of ideal clients, a high calibre of collaborators, and people talk about you even if they haven’t worked with you—yet!

8 Fresh Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

8 Business TipsSo much has happened in the last few years. Our world in business looks very different. The economy has changed how we look at business and ourselves. Some of you are looking for something fresh, something better. Strategies that you can use in an economic expansion or when there is a downturn as well.

These tips were taken from many of the six-figure women that I have mentored over the years. I noticed something quite fascinating about these women. They are remarkably different than other people. While a lot of people are fixated on doors closing, these high earners were consistently finding and opening many doors of opportunity.

I am proud to say that these women that I mentor demonstrate how different life and business can be when you stop thinking, acting, and talking like everyone else. These tips are designed to transform your beliefs and assumptions about what is actually possible, no matter what is happening around you.

1. Enlightenment:

All of the women that I mentor work and serve with a higher purpose. This will help you build stronger values, ethics and morals. The magic is to combine them with heavy doses of kindness, charity, generosity, empathy and the intention to help others.

2. Empowerment:

You need to increase your self- acceptance of both the good and the bad parts of yourself. Go inside and discover more about yourself in order to take full advantage of your potentials and boost your business and life opportunities. Empowerment is all about you functioning at your very best with the choices you have made and attract into your life. As well as striving to make you the healthiest and happiest woman on the inside and out.

3. Free time:

Balancing your time creates personal fulfilment. Whether it comes from spending time alone or doing the things you love with a partner or your family. One of the biggest things that you can do to change your current results in your business is to take more time off and make it a habit to prioritize you work and life commitments.

4. Power Friending:

Once you make the decision to expand your opportunities and let others help you, you can build your network of friends online and off. Powering friending the right people will up your earnings and change your life and highly expand your opportunities in ways that you could never imagine. I am not sure what you mean by power friending after reading this.

5. Improve one area of your business daily:

Instead of going after the new shiny penny and new thing that comes along or adding new things to your business, improve one small area in your business every single day. By improving these areas daily, you will be able to monetize your time and energy, and then look to add new things to your business when you have mastered those areas.

6. Fascinating Brand:

Consistently use your time, money and energy to develop your own unique business proposition and fascinating brand. When your brand becomes memorable and fascinating enough you will have plenty of clients, sales and opportunities.

7. Delegate, Automate, and Replicate:

Create as many systems as you can to make the best use of your time. Find opportunities to delegate more of your tasks, and replicate the things that you do over and over again. You need to streamline your business procedures to balance your time as well as improve your client retention and your productivity.

8. Broaden Your Market:

Diversify your target market, and add new revenue streams once you have mastered each area. I have found mentoring hundreds and hundreds of business owners that you would have an average of 20 transactions per revenue stream or incoming producing area in your business. Be willing to add something new once you have mastered each piece that you are already doing in your target market.

I know from all the women that I have mentored ( and quite a few men as well) all over the globe, those who applied what they learned from these tips achieved success, in spite of unfavourable conditions in the marketplace. If you want to find out more about how to apply these tips.

Scaredy Cats Rarely Move out of Their Comfort Zone (Or make serious money)

Scaredy Cat Business OwnersMaking some changes, or even an effort to change anything you are doing in your business, makes you uncomfortable. You feel by giving it a shot and trying to change, you move out of your nice and safe comfort zone. You feel more and more uneasy. All of a sudden you have ramped up your stress and tension levels. If the change is too great, your physical and mental health can be affected. You start missing appointments, and are late for calls in your business. You toss and turn in bed, your stomach has started to act up like never before, and you are more tired than usual. You may start being more impatient, and irritable with your clients, family and friends. You have more ups and downs in your feelings and emotions than the New York stock exchange.

Here is the real deal. If you are serious about earning and selling more of your programs, products and services, you must increase your beliefs around the level of income and wealth you are capable of attracting, manifesting and earning. You must dream bigger, set bigger goals, and have strategies and detailed plans to achieve them all. You must see yourself as one of the top experts in your area of expertise. Your new self-concept for wealth, sales and income that is more consistent with what you really want to manifest, attract and achieve. Need help and unsure where to turn? Go here and start your new year off deciding to do something fresh and different.

Your self-concept determines your levels of how you will act and how effective you will be in everything you do in your business. Think of your average day in your business as an entrepreneur. You are in sales and in business to make a difference and make a profit. Your self-concept controls every activity of selling no matter how big or small. You have a self-concept for sales conversations, for calling, for making and confirming appointments, for follow up and qualifying leads, for presenting to clients, for answering questions, for closing, and for getting referrals. You have a self-concept of your level of product knowledge, leadership skills, and your level of inspiration and motivation. And last but not least, is the way you engage and connect with potential clients or clients. In every situation you will always, without a doubt, carry out these activities in a way that is in sync with your self-concept.

In whatever area you have a high self-concept; you carry out and do very well. If you take pleasure in speaking with people, you look forward to sales conversations and soft selling and you do it extremely well. If you have a high self-concept for closing sales in an authentic and non-salesy way, you feel at ease and skilled whenever you are doing them.

Wherever you feel anxious or uneasy in selling and having sales conversations, it just simply means that you have a low self-concept in that particular area. You do not feel at ease when you are involved in those activities. You probably avoid doing those things as much as you possibly can.

Let me reassure you, it is not your fault. This is very normal and natural especially when you are in sales. So how do you get rid of those scaredy cat feelings and finally make some serious money while making a difference? You can start by deciding right here and now that you are going to become a top well paid expert in your chosen career. (Ready for a fresh start?) Decide that you will do whatever it takes to succeed whether it is on your own, or with a mentor. Step into this new you, own it, and imagine it as you are already a fact. And watch those scaredy cat feelings disappear and be replaced with confidence, courage and conviction.

7 Insider Steps to Small-Business, BIG Success in 2011

7 Insider StepsReady for a fresh start in 2011?

Depending on who you speak to, we are either in the great recession or we are in the best business building period of our lifetimes. For those of us who believe that we are bursting with opportunities unlike ever before, you will want to plan and have some fresh strategies in place. By the way check out these entrepreneurs. who decided to ignore the small thinking media who love to scare people, and are in the business of selling FEAR.

That doesn’t mean sit back in your office chair and think that your client attraction will kick in without doing anything. I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible so here are some fresh insider tips to get you started in the right direction with the right focus.

1. Revamp your business plan.

Take it out of hiding from your desk drawer, and look at it with fresh eyes. Thing have changed in business. Focus on the best strategy to gain more market share and attract new business. Then start working in your business and on your plan like you mean it. You are committed and serious about succeeding.

2. Do only what works.

What was your top-selling product, program or service, and how can you get your ideal clients to buy more? What money-saving strategies went straight to the bottom line? What promotions or bonuses got your ideal clients attention, and got them to take out their wallets and credit cards?

3. Fire your difficult clients.

High-maintenance, low profit clients are a lot of work, and typically cost you more in time, money and energy than it is worth. You are doing a disservice to them and yourself by hanging onto them, and you need to make space for perfect clients that are more of a match to you and your services. You will both benefit when you step out and let them move on.

4. Be an ‘A’ client yourself.

You may want to get some good long term prices on contracts with vendors, contractors, other service providers and suppliers. Ask these vendors for a discount and to hold the products until you need them.

5. Expand your network online and off.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have great benefits; however they’ll never replace face-to-face meetings to create a strong connection and engagement. Keep in mind that this is a quick path to creating new clients, referrals and repeat business. Spend at least half your working hours on marketing and increasing both online and offline presence to keep top of mind (they are thinking about you) and increase market share. Check out what I do on my “like” page on Facebook to get real authentic people who really like what I do (I would love to connect with you, an hear your feedback)

6. Leverage your brand.

In this new economy, it’s more important than ever to avoid becoming a “vanilla” brand. By this I mean you are too boring, have too much of the same image as everyone else with low prices, copy cat services and programs, lower quality service just don’t cut it anymore in today’s market. You need to stand out, set yourself apart and step it up in a way that is different from your competition.

7. Joint Venture.

Working with other entrepreneurs in your market and companies that target the same market but with products or services that are different from yours can boost your marketing and increase your reach without spending a lot of money. They’ve already spent the time and money to attract the clients you want, and you can piggyback on their work.

I encourage you to take these tips, and match them up to your business and where you are now. If you are serious about improving your client attraction and fascination, you will want to get started on improving, adjusting and changing what you need to have BIG success in 2011.

Fresh Thinking Essentials for Entrepreneurs in 2011!

Fresh  Business Thinking 2011Today more than ever before, entrepreneurs need these business essentials to thrive in 2011 and beyond. A lot of entrepreneurs focus on building their businesses, and fail to remember to focus on how they are positioning themselves within that business. Ignoring this in your business in today’s current economy could cause your business to falter and then fail. If you are thinking of being in business for the long haul you will want to put these essentials into place and do them all.

You need to focus on these areas of positioning yourself in your business in 2011 and beyond: yourself, your business, your business model and what you offer, and your community. By thinking and focusing on all of these areas and where you are positioning yourself, you will start to realize how they are all connected like a puzzle, and that each can support one another to build a highly profitable and sustainable business.


What are you an expert in? What are your gifts and talents? What do you want to be known for in your business? You need to align your positioning with that of your business. For example, I’m a Master Business entrepreneur internationally and locally, and my company specializes in helping entrepreneurs achieve business success through big thinking, client attraction, client fascination and solid business building blocks. (For those of you who want to find out more go here.) It’s quite an obvious connection that makes sense to my large audience.

This also works in any type of career or profession that you may be in. By building and strengthening yourself as the expert in your industry, it will be much easier and more effective to promote your business. Just imagine the doors and opportunities that will open for you! Interviews can happen from anywhere in the world these days due to social media and the big outreach it has. Keep in mind they are interviewing you, rather than your business, so this is where your positioning is very, very important and essential.

You’re Business

As a person you can’t be measured, but your business sure can. By putting your name out in the world, you have incredible opportunities to mention your business name. Just think of social media and viral reach that it has, and in a way that we have never had that opportunity ever before. The more your business gets known or mentioned in the media, online or offline, the more positioning awareness your business will have. Your business, no matter the size, can then share its message locally and globally with your audience using the internet, social media, etc.

Your Business Model and What You Offer

If you want to grow your business in a big and sustainable way, as well as yourself as an expert, then you need to build your business by using the best business model and service offerings possible to do that. By developing the right business model that promotes your services, products and programs, you will become much more successful for the long haul in your business.

If more entrepreneurs understand and enjoy the concept of big thinking, and taking the leap from client attraction to client fascination using solid business building blocks it will help both you and your business thrive. (Check out, some big thinkers who have applied these strategies.) If you’re in a business where the types of services and programs have been around forever, and then take another approach than your colleagues to create a new offering that you can own and be known for. You are positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.

You’re Community

Your community is people, followers, colleagues, thought leaders, clients, potential clients and friends that support you and your business. This can be online or offline. There’s also a clear connection between your community and your offerings in your services and programs because the community is talking about and spreading what you do and how you do it to more people.

You need to engage with them, in order to keep your services and programs top of mind (keep them thinking about you), and therefore your business, and yourself. You consistently provide high quality content and interact with them if you want them to stay your supporter. Using these essentials will ensure that you stand above the crowd, in a very busy and noisy marketplace.

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