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5 Client Attraction Mistakes Using Facebook for Marketing

Client Attraction on FacebookFeeling frustrated and questioning why your client attraction marketing isn’t working the way that you thought it would on Facebook? You can relax, help is here.

Fortunately, (or in some cases unfortunately, depending on how you view it) a lot of client attraction marketing challenges can be easily tracked by going back and finding that you made a few marketing mistakes. I will discuss them today and share what I consider to be the top 5 client attraction marketing mistakes on Facebook that entrepreneurs often make.

1. Too broad a niche market or ideal client group of people who you want to buy your product, program, or service.

When writing your posts, comments, or making an offer, do you just choose anyone who will respond under friends and people from your “like” page? Then you will need to sit up and pay attention here.

Even though your wonderful product, program, or service really can help just about anyone on Facebook in your friends and groups, not everyone is going to buy them. Here is what some Facebook marketers won’t tell you as you are building your list. Some people just don’t have the money, the interest, or really want what you are offering. When you try making an offer and just randomly targeting everyone, you just really end up having no target at all. This of course, won’t make you any sales.

The way to start getting much better results, and making money with your client attract marketing, is to narrow your ideal clients down so you’re only connecting, engaging, and talking to one very specific group of people. Could there be some problems with this? Yes. That is covered in my next point.

2. Choosing the wrong ideal client group on Facebook. How can you choose the wrong ideal client group?

When you are friending and following, you choose people who aren’t interested in buying your product, program, or service. Either that or they don’t have the money to actually work with you.

Let’s start with the people who just aren’t interested in what you offer. Because you are great at what you do, and considered an expert, you may feel that they “need” what you are offering. Because you are an expert you tell yourself that your potential ideal clients need this, so they’ll be racing over to you, and buy it. That is very unlikely.

Next are people who just don’t have the money to buy anything from you or work with you. This kind of client attraction occurs when you’re going after a group of people that very much want what you’re selling but really can’t afford it.
Sometimes when this happens, and your potential clients can’t afford your services, you lower your fees and work for much less than you deserve or are worth for that matter.

How can you turn this around if that is happening with your client attraction marketing on Facebook? Choose ideal clients that not only can afford your products, programs, or services but also really want them a lot.

3. Friending and following, building your list to attract your ideal clients, and still attracting the wrong clients.

You hear it all the time on Facebook. Hurry up and get your 5,000 friends. Build your business page and increase your “likes” fast. This is an example where “build it and they will come” doesn’t work. Specifically, decide who your ideal clients are, you need to go to them and choose them wisely. Be discerning. Create some criteria and follow it when friending and following, or joining groups on Facebook.

A new client that contacted me from Facebook proudly announced that she belonged to so many groups that she lost count. And, you guessed it; she has the majority of them that would never use her services or take her up on her offers.

Once you’ve selected a possible ideal client group, make sure you’re putting your client attraction marketing time and dollars in engaging and building relationships. You should do business with this group first and then expand out to another group of people to widen your approach.

4. Your client attraction marketing message is really weak.

Now you are certain that you have a good ideal client group on Facebook and you know they could be potential ideal clients. But you’re still not getting any results or having the sales that you desire. Now the issue might be your message. The fact is that it is a weak one, and you are unable to attract paying clients.

Due to the sheer numbers of people on Facebook, there are tons of choices on where to spend money. You have to give them a very persuasive reason as to why they should spend their money with you.

You want to take a look at what your sales copy is saying, or not saying. Where does it need improvement, or a more congruent message?

5. You approach your client attraction marketing randomly.

You have no plan, no strategy and are flying by the seat of your pants on Facebook. You rarely make an offer, or if you do, you do so in a way that gets barely any results.

So now what?

Here are the facts. Even if you are doing client attraction marketing on Facebook, you need to consistently get in front of your ideal clients again and again. You do this until they decide that they are ready to work with you. You need to be very pro-active in reminding them that you can help them, and encourage them to take the next step to work with you.

If you really want to improve your client attraction marketing, remember, it’s not your ideal clients’ job to remember you, and contact you. It’s your job to remind them you’re in business and would appreciative having them work with you. Need help with it all?

Do This in Your Business and it will Improve Everything (Even Your Sales)

Business Owner ChoicesI’ve been hearing from many of you entrepreneurs recently that you are struggling, frustrated, and just downright worried about your businesses. Your client attraction and sales are not where you thought they would be in your business and it is a slow time for some of you. Every day, whether you turn on the news, read the posts in blogs, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn there’s been enough negative news that some of you are fearful of what the next story or post might bring. Many of you are feeling negative, or worse, helpless, as if there’s nothing you or anybody can do.

Here is something that I want you to know, and understand at a deep level. There are choices and there is something you can do. As business owners there is always something that we can choose to do, that is different from what we are currently doing. I can hear some of you now. I know there is something more to do. I just don’t know what to do. Bear with me here for a minute.

You have already figured out that there are several challenges to be being in business. You know that you are the one who is accountable to succeeding in your business or not. You believe with all of your heart that you are doing all of the right things, yet there is some part of you that never knows whether what you’re doing will actually pay off. Your income is up and down like a game of snakes and ladders, your clients expect more than ever in this new economy, and balancing the requirements of your business with your own needs, and those of your family can be tricky.

I want you to know that it can be done, and it can be done very well, no matter what is going on in the world around you. Take a look around at your competition. There will be those that are succeeding and living a wonderful lifestyle. They have balance, success and a full practice. I am going to explain how you can have that too.

Do I have any magic bullets? No. I have worked with thousands of clients over the years, and here is what I do know. You must do things differently than what you are doing now, to have different results. Here is how to get back on track and do it quickly.

1. Go back to the beginning and the basics.

What made you choose to get into business? What were you looking for? More freedom, time-off, your own schedule, doing what you love and are gifted at, play a bigger game in the world while serving others? Or more money and passive income? Are you still attracted to that original vision that you had? Or are you excited about creating something even more compelling? Let your bigger, bolder, and maybe even better vision guide your choices about what you are doing in your business and create the business of your dreams. When you start to get really clear on this, it will also guide you on the directions that wouldn’t be an ideal fit for you as well.

2. Time to be really honest with yourself.

What is it really going to take from you to have your business even more successful than it currently is? Where do you need to really step it up and improve things? This is the place to be super honest with you. Is it your mindset, marketing, client attraction, hanging onto your money, or raising your fees for instance? Are you really spending time on client attraction and income producing activities? (I bust my new clients on this one all the time) What do you really need to do differently?

Get solid opinions from successful entrepreneurs you know, like, and trust. Hire a consultant or mindset and business coach to help you take a look at all of your options. Choose the best one for you and your business. Allow yourself to explore new possibilities that you may not have considered before.

3. Take inspired action now.

More honesty is required here too if you are hiding behind procrastination, fear, and hidden blocks to your business success. This is the fastest way to sink your ship. Make note, I have not mentioned the economy once. I am addressing you, and what you must personally do different. Focus on only a few activities a day that will produce income. Then make those choices a priority and a non- negotiable. This means that they get done no matter what.

4. Reach out and get the right information and guidance.

What or who can provide the kind of guidance you need that would be a perfect fit for you to succeed? Almost everyone has had someone help them stay inspired, expand their reach, and build their skills. One who knows everything required to build a highly successful business, and already possesses all the knowledge and skills required. You don’t need to go it alone.  Getting help, speeding up the process, and shortening the learning curve is a smart business decision.

Find what areas of your business need the most work first. Hire a mindset and business mentor or coach for ongoing growth and guidance. You can essentially hire and get help with areas that aren’t your strengths or you don’t have time for. For things like copywriting, sales pages, accounting, web design, client attraction marketing, creating an online presence, systems, or any other area where you’re not or don’t want to become an expert. Just decide that you are going to do something about it right now. Right this minute. Okay, first finish reading this post and then go do it.

I am encouraging you to take back your control, your power, and your freedom. Get out there and create your own future the way that you want it. Step out of your fears, worries, and frustrations. Surround yourself ompletely with the kind of people who believe in you, until you believe in yourself. Choose to make smart choices about what will make a real and lasting difference in your business. Then take inspired action now on what you choose.

Do this in your business and it will improve everything.

Getting Smart About Online Engagement & Monetizing Facebook!

Online Reputation FacebookSavvy entrepreneurs know that engaging online using Facebook is the best way to attract plenty of new ideal clients. But getting those new ideal clients can sometimes be a challenge. When attracting new clients doesn’t come easily, or the ones you get seem less than ideal. It can be appealing to forget about building online engagement first on Facebook, and instead spend time just promoting yourself or your services, even though you know deep inside that style of connecting isn’t as effective in the long run.

Instead, strive to get smarter about creating engagement first, attracting ideal clients, and then monetizing your time on Facebook. Here are the most common sources of attracting ideal clients, and the essentials to making them work for you.

1. Present or past clients on Facebook.

Essentials to more ideal clients: Clients must be satisfied with your value and the benefits that you provide, find you comfortable to work with, and not mind “sharing” you with others. A big mistake is focusing on current or past clients as your main source of attracting new ideal clients.

Of course they won’t engage further with you online if you don’t do quality work that provides the outcome you have offered. They also won’t engage with you online if they find you hard to work with or think they could do much better elsewhere. Clients often stay even when unhappy just out of apathy. If you’ve ever engaged online with people you can see from their timelines on Facebook how they talk about the people that they have worked with. You can often see them say, “Well, I worked with so-and-so, but I wouldn’t really endorse them or put a good word in for them.”

Before you start attracting new clients, start more engagement with your current and past clients on Facebook. First ask, “What else can I do to improve my service, products and programs for you?” Take immediate action on their suggestions, and then ask if they might know someone to refer to you who would be an ideal client on Facebook.

Accept that you most likely have a smaller amount of people in your inner circle of present and past clients than in any of the other suggestions laid out below. So don’t focus on getting referrals from clients while ignoring other possibilities. Keep in mind too, that sometimes existing clients don’t want to “share” you. They may be afraid you won’t be as available for their projects. Or if your work is of a personal nature, they may not want people who they know to work with you also.

2. Online groups on Facebook.

Essentials to more ideal clients: They must get to know, like, trust and want to buy from you.  The common mistake is for entrepreneurs to join Facebook expecting to attract plenty of ideal clients just by joining a group.

I know that you are being told this line of baloney all over the Internet. Join and they will come. Here is what they won’t tell you. Ask yourself this: “When you joined the group have you been engaging online and creating connection other members, and offering them valuable help and information?” If you answered “no” you only joined to attract new clients. You are going to have a long wait.

Online groups can be an exceptionally creative and beneficial source for getting new clients. You need to not only engage with other members but also, you must really get to know them. People rarely become new clients based on a couple of friendly posts or message on Facebook. Instead, use groups as a launch to connect, engage, learn, share, help, provide value, and take the conversations off- line to get better acquainted with group members and begin building a strong and lasting relationship.

3. Colleagues on Facebook.

Essentials to more ideal clients: Their current, past clients, or specialties must be different from yours. One of the most common mistakes on Facebook is spending all of your networking time with your colleagues who do exactly what you do in your business.

The most common type of online networking is taking part in your own professional groups. This is highly valuable for building credibility, visibility and staying on top of what is going on in your industry; but isn’t always the best way to attract a lot of new clients and business. Focus your client attraction. Building activities within your profession on distinguishing colleagues whose target market or specialty is unlike your own, while building your visibility and online engagement.

4. Those who share your target market on Facebook.

Essentials to more ideal clients: They must know what you do, which you do it for, what benefits and results that you provide, and when that ideal person might need your help. A common mistake is networking on Facebook just to meet people, get more followers, or to “like” your page without telling them enough to refer to you or use your services.

Looking for people in different professions than your own, that happen to share your target market, is an often ignored on Facebook but a very lucrative source of new ideal clients. Because these people aren’t in your profession, it’s critical to let them know about who would be an ideal client for you and the benefits and results of your work. Have a chat online or take the conversation offline to educate them about what you do. Also ask how you can help with referrals or resources they need in their business as well.

5. Friends, family, and acquaintances on Facebook

Essentials to more ideal clients: All of the people you must be educated enough about your business and what you offer, and the benefits and results of working with you. A common mistake is not talking about your business to people in your personal life on Facebook.

It’s a common mistake for new entrepreneurs to steer clear of telling those in their personal life about their business and what they are up too. It’s common to wait to become successful before letting people know what you’re doing right now in your business. This waiting can in fact stop you from succeeding.

Friends, family, and acquaintances can be exceptional referral sources because they already know, like and trust you. I encourage you to take the time to describe your business by using benefits and results, and let them know what type of ideal clients you’re looking for. You will often find they are more than willing to suggest you or introduce you to someone they know on Facebook.

So if you’re ready to get more ideal clients, create engagement online, and monetize your Facebook time, it is time to get smart about it. Get bigger about your thinking and who might refer to you. Put in place some of these essential to make referrals, and attracting plenty more ideal clients is likely on Facebook.

3 Easy Steps To Taking a BIG Leap in Facebook Visibility & Credibility (And Making Money)

Big Leap Facebook MarketingIf you want to grow your presence on Facebook, create more visibility, credibility, and make money while doing it, there are two ways you can go about it:  Long, drawn-out, and slow; or and high-speed and fast.

The majority of entrepreneurs are shocked to see that they end up growing their credibility and visibility on Facebook very slowly. Now there’s not anything wrong with a long, drawn-out, and slow process, if that is your goal in your business. I know it is not easy to grow your visibility and credibility, so even growing your Facebook presence slowly, is better than what most entrepreneurs are currently doing online.

Let’s get to what most of you are interested in. Let’s talk about stepping it up, getting in the fast lane, and doing if faster. A different way to think about growing your visibility and credibility rapidly is by taking a big leap. This in essence means you leap ahead opposed to taking your growth and making money online one step at a time.

Have the courage to take a big leap means transforming your online presence quickly. It means going from a low five figure income to a high six figures if that is what interests you. It means attracting ideal people, opportunities, and joint ventures to you easily and effortlessly like never before.

So if you want to take a big leap in creating online visibility and credibility, creating connections, and monetizing your time, how do you go about doing it?

Here are 3 steps to get you started now:

1. Think bigger and bolder.

Taking a big leap isn’t going to work if you’re thinking small while engaging online and building your presence. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re thinking big enough while making connections and friending. Perhaps, even more than that, make sure you’re prepared for your Facebook connections to become big, and for many opportunities to come your way. If you’re not comfortable or if there’s some blocks, fears, resistance or obstacles around you growing your business to its best potential, you’ll never have a big leap on Facebook.

2. Invest in you.

There are a lot of different ways to invest in you. Do you need to get through your blocks, fears and resistance? Hire a mentor to walk you through the steps to create engagement, connection, and client attraction and monetize your time on Facebook. Possibly you need to take time to go through a coaching program, information product, or tele-seminars to move you along more quickly and in the best direction.

When you invest in a program or mentor that could be the launch pad that you need to move you forward in a much bigger and bolder way. This is because now, you have laid out some money, and you are invested in your outcome and getting results. You’re taking you and your business seriously by investing in yourself. So how do you know what you need to invest in to take that big leap? You know your gut is telling you. Your head is telling you. Whether or not you do it is a whole other topic.

3. Taking imperfect action will pay off.

I can hear you now. Are you crazy! Here’s the real deal that you rarely hear. If you design your visibility and credibility around getting it just perfect, and never screwing up, do you really believe you’re stepping outside your current comfort zone to something bigger, better, and bolder? If you’re trying to never screw up, or waiting for the perfect time, then there’s no potential way you can ever take a big leap. Big leaps require you to think in a different way than you have before. To try something you never have done before. When you do that, you may screw up along the way. However if you wait for things to be perfect, you will be waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Highly successful entrepreneurs using Facebook don’t like not to succeed anymore than you or I do. What they do know for sure is, if they don’t get out there, take imperfect action now in bigger and bolder ways, and try new approaches, they won’t be as successful on the whole. Even though that means risking not being a success as well, it’s an option that they choose because they know its well worth it.

One way to handle setbacks is to look at the bigger picture. Concentrate on the big picture, and where you want to go. Then, when this occurs, you’re not as worried because you’re looking past them to the big picture of where you want to be. But the biggest part of taking a big leap is in the words of Nike, “Just do it.” By planning out your steps, taking imperfect action now, creating engagement and connections you will watch your bottom line improve in ways that you could never imagine.

Need help with it all; let’s talk, if you’re ready for your big leap.

What I Did Right Using Creativity Online to Create Income and Success!

CreativityLast year I hit a huge financial record in my mentoring and coaching business. Now, I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn. I’m sharing this because I want this for you, and I believe strongly that you can do it too. For darn sure, I made every mistake you can make creating an online presence, and even a few more in the past. I also probably started my online presence precisely the way you did – telling the whole wide world on social media what I did, what I had to offer and to sell. I started creating my online presence by contacting as many people as possible, which basically meant I spent hours every day friending and following people.

The problem with that is because I was the one actually doing the selling; push marketing and promoting the marketing part of my small business, it was hit or miss (seem familiar?). I created an awful up and down phase of business for myself. And that was my life for what seemed like forever. I finally decided I needed a different model to create engagement online.

The difficulty was I had no idea what it would look like or even how to do it.

Other mentors and coaches were no help; they had the same online engagement and visibility I had. So after a lot of struggling, I at last got it together and started creating the online success and income I had always hoped and aspired to achieve.

Well, how did I finally do it?

Here are some things to get you started now. For those of you who want more information.

Be willing to change.

I finally realized that if I kept doing what everyone else is doing, which was selling, selling and more selling, before engaging online to create and build relationships, how I could expect different results? I made a terrible discovery. For some reason, I’m not sure why, I went through my list of followers and friends and found to my shock, none of them had used my services, promoted my offers, or looked up to me in a high regard as my peers in the industry . Ouch! You see, over the years when I was in the “up and down” phase of my business and growing my online visibility, I would smugly tell people I was “growing” my business.

Never mind that none of my followers or friends was doing any business with me. I had also “raised my visibility and credibility” over the years. And yet, nothing had changed. And then it hit me. I wasn’t growing my mentoring and coaching business. I was really stuck. So I decided to also do the reverse of what my colleagues and competition were doing online. I did the opposite of what I always did around engaging online. This guided me to the next phase of my business.

Find the right mentor.

Once I realized that I was really stuck, I recognized that I most likely needed some help getting unstuck. Being a mentor and coach I knew that there were a couple of things going on. First is admitting you’re the reason why you’re in this situation. Second is actually doing something to change it and improve it. And it’s not as straightforward as it sounds to change things. Your perspective on yourself, your thoughts, and your actions are not always clear. I know I do this every day with clients for a living.

Of course you can change things, but it’s a lot more complicated without that right someone to point things out to you. In other words, someone who can see your blindside. It’s easier to help others change then to change yourself. There are also some other benefits to hiring a mentor or a coach for yourself. When you do, you’re telling yourself that you’re ready to take yourself seriously and do what it takes to be successful. You’re also saying you’re worth the investment in yourself.

Here is what I know to be true after mentoring thousands of people. You’re learning and being educated by someone who has been there so you can get to where you want to go a lot faster and with fewer struggles and roadblocks. Now you do need to make sure you hire the right mentor or coach. Not all are created equal, or are the right fit for you. Be unique. Make sure your approach is different from what everyone else is doing. I can\ tell you as soon as I stopped pushing, stopped selling, stopped acting like what is in it for me I actually grew my following, built strong and lasting relationships, and lastly have a full and thriving practice.

There was something about going through that process of doing exactly the opposite of what everyone else was doing, getting creative with my brand, my message, and my approach that changed everything. Here is what I know for sure. Had I not made these changes way back in my business, I would not be in business today. And if you want to see how this really works, go here. I encourage you to stop the push and selling. Engage and connect with people, then have a non-salesy sales conversation.

Watch what happens to your reputation, credibility, visibility, and bottom line.