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One Simple Thing: Work Through Your Unfinished Stuff

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

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Booker T Washington Success QuoteI would encourage you to get really honest with yourself about your business and everybody in it. Be a straight shooter about what isn’t working in your business. End all the excuses and start making changes that will improve your influence, impact and income.

Possibly this part of the formula, more than any other, seems obvious. And to some extent, it is. If you’re reluctant to face up to a belief, situation, problem, condition, behaviour, or emotion—if you won’t take ownership or you’re part in a situation—then you cannot and will not change it. If you refuse to face up to and own your own self-destructive behaviours, they will in fact grow momentum, become more deep rooted in the habitual patterns of your business, and grow more and more resistant to change.

Imagine your client attraction marketing coach asking you whether you’ve been having problems getting and keeping your ideal clients, and rather than come clean about it, you say, “Well no, not really.” What’s going to happen? The marketing coach isn’t going address the problem and you’ll keep getting the same poor results that you have been getting. She might change your tactics to something that doesn’t work for your target market, but because you have lied to her, she may never deal with the real underlying problem. Because the marketing coach assumes that you are currently happy with your client attraction results, she trusts you to identify your problems for her so she’ll know where to focus her efforts.

You very likely believe that you can rely on yourself in a similar way. Just as the marketing coach depends on you to be brutally honest with her, you depend on yourself to be a straight shooter with yourself. If, by denying the existence of a problem, you reap obvious benefits for evading a painful subject that makes you anything but a trustworthy source of information.

If you hope to have a winning business approach, you have to be honest about where your mindset and business is right now. The link between knowing exactly where you are in your business right now and where you want your business to be should be evident. Suppose you’re out there, struggling with your business, wandering from idea to idea, and you call me on the phone and ask, “How do I get unstuck, I’m so lost?” When a new client comes to me my first question is obviously going to be, “Well where are you now?”

Clearly, if you tell me that you are in having trouble with your client attraction, I’m going to give you directions and guidance very different from those I would give you if I learned you were struggling with client retention. The same holds true for the direction I might give to you for changing your mindset: if you stated for example, that your thinking was absolutely negative and fearful, I’d approach the situation differently than I would if you told me that your thinking was unlimited and full of possibilities. If you told me that you are in a sticky situation of being unable to harge what you’re worth and get it, and its draining you emotionally, and physically, I would go in a very different direction for change than I would if you told me that you were self-confident and on top of asking for the money you deserve and getting it. Likewise, if you lie to yourself about any aspect of your thinking surrounding your business, you can distort the entire picture so much that an otherwise sound strategy will be compromised.

You can lie to yourself in two ways…

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

Download your sneak peek here (instant PDF download). Enjoy!

One Simple Thing: Stop Looking Outside Yourself

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

Download your sneak peek here (instant PDF download). Enjoy!

Oprah Winfrey Success QuoteI have learned a lot about what makes entrepreneurs feel attractive, and be attractive on the inside as you wake up from auto-pilot (working and responding in a robotic way) and become the best version of yourselves. And by that I don’t mean which over-the-counter remedy works best or how to get just the right nip or tuck that leads to looking like the latest model on a magazine cover. What I mean is what really works, what really counts, what really matters and that is what is going on in the inside of you, your mindset and current thinking for those of you who want to feel and look great, because the strength and clarity of your inner mindset, relationship with yourself, and best kind of thinking and mindset for growth and success is critical at any stage of your business.

Having worked with entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset and that big thinking, flexible thinking helps create outer beauty—as a business mentor, mindset coach, and trainer—I discovered trade secrets from entrepreneurs whose businesses were all about becoming the best version of yourself and to be the best you could. (Yes, our objective was to make it to the top of our chosen careers and dare to have big dreams!)

As an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I came to have a different daring big dream, vision and goal: to help entrepreneurs understand yourselves so you could feel, look and position yourself at your best and improve your inner game, inner relationship with yourself and growth mindset. My career led me to see patterns in the thousands of entrepreneurs that I have worked with and find the answers to, “What really makes entrepreneurs feel attractive in their thinking from the inside out in your businesses?”

I mentored thousands of business owners—current and former entrepreneurs, corporate execs, stay-at-home moms, healers, coaches, realtors, and people from all walk of life. Your responses revealed a number of surprising similarities and are summarized here and that work from the inside out to create inner beauty from your thinking in the way that reflects that thinking and results to your outside world.

Show Strong Confidence From the Inside

The most frequent comment I heard from the entrepreneurs was that outer beauty is created by having an inner strong confidence and best kind of thinking and mindset for growth and success. The comment resonated with something that my first business mentor told me the day I worked with her. She said, “The chance of building a 6 figure meaningful business for us rises the minute you take on an air of strong inner confidence, the best mindset and thinking no matter how long you have been in business.” I learned pretty quickly that success as entrepreneurs wasn’t about being the smartest—everyone was. Or about being perfect—no one was.

It was about how you carried yourself because of your strong inner confidence you created, a solid relationship with yourself, the best kind of thinking and mindset for growth and success and then how self-assured you positioned yourself and appeared to the outside world with that kind of thinking and mindset. So is it for all entrepreneurs that have been in business for any length of time. Holding your head up high, stepping into the spotlight with poise and strong inner self-confidence, rock solid relationship with yourself is probably the number one quality that entrepreneurs say leads to feeling and having a strong sense of inner beauty by having best kind of thinking and mindset for growth and success and passion no matter how long you have been in business…

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

Download your sneak peek here (instant PDF download). Enjoy!

One Simple Thing: Stop Being Held Hostage in Your Business

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

Download your sneak peek here. Enjoy!

One Simple Thing that Changes EverythingDo you ever feel like you’re a like a chess piece in someone else’s game; a powerless player that is frequently used, abused and manipulated for the gain and self interest of others in business? Self interest that’s often thinly disguised as some kind of action, decision or “plan” that’s somehow not in your best interest? Isn’t it incredible how some self-called guru’s know what’s best for their business and yours?

If only you and I had the ability to think and choose for ourselves; things could be so different. Have you ever felt like your business (or part of your business) has been taken prisoner by someone else’s ego, insecurity and/or greed? Welcome to a very large club in the business world.

Gurus, Experts and Others

Perhaps you feel like you’re trapped in some kind of on-going poker game where you’re never dealt any good cards in your business. As a result you feel like you have no real influence, impact or leverage… just the rare bluff. The truth is, knowingly or not, many of us have given away our personal power (or part thereof) and allowed situations, circumstances and other people to dictate, direct and control our reality. Some of us have let what “so-called guru’s and experts” tell us what we can do and what we can’t do in our business growth.

Being a humble, generous and occasionally selfless entrepreneur is to be admired and respected but being an entrepreneur who has essentially handed over the wheel of their business is heartbreaking, sad and ultimately fatal. Someone who has given away their personal power is an entrepreneur who has given away control, hope and happiness. And their ability to dare to dream big. It’s nice to be nice but it’s foolish to be a walked all over.

Some entrepreneurs confuse feelings with reality. Not “feeling” powerful doesn’t necessarily compare to not “being” powerful. Unless we make it that. For the most part, feelings (read, fear) merely get in the way of our potential, personal power, growth, daring to dream big and success. As a rule, our emotions and thoughts are in no way an indicator of our potential or the incredible future we might create and results we might produce if we should choose to use our power rather than give it away — as we have done in the past. Just because you don’t “feel” powerful or consider yourself to be powerful doesn’t mean that you’re not or you can’t be; it simply means you’re denying your potential and buying into a fearful limiting mindset. A feeling is only a feeling and a thought is only a thought until you make them a reality; good or bad.

Just to clarify and to point out how important this piece is:

  • We give away our power – the gurus, experts and others can’t take it without our permission;
  • We allow people and things to have an unhealthy level of control and influence in our business;
  • Getting angry, cynical and/or resentful at others will fix nothing;
  • Positive growth and change starts with awareness, understanding and acknowledgement; and
  • The situation will change when you change – and you can change any time you chose.

Even as you read this right now, some of you might be rationalising your less-than-desirable existence and situation in your business to make yourselves feel better and to evade confronting the things you know you should deal with. Your world will change — when you do. You have the ability, you have the understanding and you have the reasons – now find the courage, confidence and kahunas.

* * *

Hi Big Thinker!

Can you stop being a door mat, raise your self-esteem and feel more powerful in your business?

I know for sure that self-esteem and feeling more powerful in our business is our perception of ourselves and our self worth, including the beliefs we hold regarding ourselves (for example, “I am smart”, “I am gifted and talented”, etc). It is how we see ourselves and, sadly, sometimes this gets blended together with how we see ourselves in relation to others and what we do in your business. In turn we often use what we do for a living to define who we are and our own worth. So when things aren’t going as well in our business as we want them to, it is our self-esteem that takes a hit.

I am often asked, “What can you do to stop being a doormat, raise your self-esteem in your business when it is running a little low? Or what to do when you’re worrying about what others are thinking about you, you know, the office or Facebook gossip?” You have absolutely no control over what others think so being held hostage by something out of your control is a sure-fire way to lower your self-esteem. It’s what you think that makes a difference.

What if you could celebrate the small and medium wins as well as the large? For instance, it is all too easy to move from one project to the next without taking the time to acknowledge a job well done in your business.

When you work with others there is bound to be drama and some negativity. Remember, the situation or the person doesn’t make you feel a certain way; it’s your beliefs that cause you to feel. The bottom line: you get to choose how you feel and how you respond to someone or something else…so choose wisely.

Are you always comparing yourself to others in your chosen field? When you play the comparison game all you are really doing is hiding your own abilities and talents.

Not sure how to nip the stinkin’ thinkin’ in the bud. We all make mistakes in business. We all have bad days, but guess what? When we fall prey to the stinkin thinkin’, it not only impacts our moods but our self-esteem levels as well. 

Whatever you choose to raise your self-esteem just know you deserve to feel good about you and the things you do in your business and outside the business.

I gone into more depth here in today’s posts see if you are denying yourself your full potential?

Here’s to BIG dreams!

Master Business Coach and Mentor Beverly Boston

This article is an excerpt from my new book, One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.

Download your sneak peek here. Enjoy!

One Simple Thing that Changes Everything: Negative People and Dead Ends

This article is an excerpt from my new book, publishing February 2012: One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.  You can get a sneak peek and have access to the companion workbook with my all-new One Simple Thing Growth Kit.  Enjoy!

One Simple Thing - Negative People and Dead EndsIn the many years that I been an entrepreneur and mentoring and coaching clients around the world, a consistent theme in my programs, products and services is that in business, absolutely everything counts. From the day we start our business until the day we leave the business, we are shaped by our surroundings—our business environment; our schooling; what we read, listen to and watch; the friends and colleagues we associate with; our home environment; our life partners; the neighbours around us and the communities we belong to—and become as a result, the quality of everything we see and do contributes to the evolving beings that we are in our business.

In addition to the idea that everything counts, I also talk about action and reaction and about manifesting what you put out into the world.

For every cause there is at least one effect. It’s a simple wisdom: everything counts and it is up to us to determine how much our business will count for. If we wish, we can go passively through business letting the influences of the world take over our minds and actions. We can also, if we choose, be completely unaware that we’re part of anything at all. You’ve met entrepreneurs like this. You can talk to them about all kinds of frivolous things, but try to take the conversations to a deeper level and you hit a dead end.

I find that entrepreneurs who hit dead ends like this are very draining on the rest of us.

I am in a mastermind group ( a team that I mentor and coach) and for three weeks I had people emailing me and asking me to not put them with one of the members to brainstorm in our sessions. Out of 7 people, 4 people had told me Negative Nellie (not her real name, of course) was too negative to mastermind and brainstorm with while on our calls.

So now I had a dilemma, what was I going to do? Talk to her about her attitude? Ask her to stop coming to the calls, even though she is a team member? Literally, every week the other people she masterminded with would approach me and ask me to NEVER put her with them again. This left me in a leadership dilemma as to how to turn this around without alienating her and I knew the group was watching to see how I would handle it.

So I partnered up with her personally for the next two weeks and observed her communication style. Negative Nellie is what I call a “socialized negative”- she gets her attention and fulfillment by focusing on and sharing with you the negatives of her day and business. To her she is connecting with you while to others she was repelling them. I knew that if I talked to her about it she wouldn’t be able to even “see” what I was saying as she saw what she did as “socializing” not as being negative.

* * *

Hi Big Thinker!

I’m tired of unhappy entrepreneurs.

I’m convinced that happiness is 10% actual experiences and 90% is how you perceive those experiences. I have millionaire colleagues and clients who seem to have business altogether, but are quite unhappy because they view their business through fairly clouded lenses. I’ve had colleagues and clients that live pay check to pay check who are always bright, optimistic, and generally very fun to be around. Life is way too short to hang around and work around entrepreneurs who view life through very pessimistic lenses. These entrepreneurs interpret every conversation negatively, they imagine the worst in people, usually are passive-aggressive, and infect those around them even happy ones to become more negative.

It seems like in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed more of them than usual and I’m tired of it. Literally! I get tired and worn down by these entrepreneurs. It does no good for my soul, it changes my outlook even briefly as I “perceive” more closed doors in my business than open ones even though the opportunities are greater than ever. The old saying “you are the company you keep” rings really true for me!

Most of my entrepreneurial colleagues and clients are very happy people and perceive the world full of opportunities and not dead ends. I get so much energy and drive from them. Our world could use more of those entrepreneurs, they are the ones that create opportunities, seek to solve big problems, dream big dreams, and infect those around them with happiness as well. Can you imagine a super pessimistic entrepreneur trying to innovate something in business? Why would they even try? Can you imagine an unhappy entrepreneur, wanting to give back to the community and trying to solve severe poverty? Just seeing the stories around the planet would send them down a negative spiral. It takes vision, an optimistic and daring entrepreneur – an entrepreneur who perceives negative circumstances as opportunities.

We are drawn to happy entrepreneurs. We want to follow happy entrepreneurs. They create confidence, seek change, find purpose, and succeed even in the midst of difficult circumstances. An entrepreneur doesn’t mean a “yes” person, but it means that they are able to see opportunities like you and can create new ideas, fresh perspectives, dare big dreams that accomplish the same goal. They are solutions entrepreneurs.

I believe that one can choose happiness and that very little of it depends on circumstances. I choose to enjoy the entrepreneurial journey. I’m absolutely blown away by how fortunate I am each day to be able to go into work and do what I get to do each day. It’s crazy. People working together to achieve something great, helping others fulfill their big dreams while we fulfill ours and I get to be a part of it.

Here’s to BIG dreams!

Master Business Coach and Mentor Beverly Boston

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One Simple Thing that Changes Everything: Fear and Limiting Beliefs

This article is an excerpt from my new book, publishing February 2012: One Simple Thing That Changes Everything.  You can get a sneak peek and have access to the companion workbook with my all-new One Simple Thing Growth Kit.  Enjoy!

One Simple  Thing - Fear and Limiting BeliefsI am often asked, “What is the real secret of success?” And in my opinion are there any shortcuts to achieving success in business. The greatest secret to being highly successful in business, whether you are a professional service provider, entrepreneur, Realtor, or a chiropractor, I told them, is that there are no secrets.

You have to follow your heart and do what you know is right for you. There are as many ways to define success as there are people in business and what works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another.

There are two important things that can guarantee success in business, and keep in mind that most people ignore this advice. The first is to “dream big daring dreams,” and the other is to “do what you love.”

Too many times I meet people who are bored to tears, miserable, dissatisfied, frustrated or angry that the business they have isn’t the way that they want it to be. Yet they stick it out year after year.


Is it fear of failure? Lack of energy? Lack of get-up-and-go?

Surely it can’t be because they are afraid of potential joy, contentment, personal satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

Changing direction isn’t the same thing as giving up or failure; rather, it is an acknowledgment that what you’ve been doing up to now isn’t giving you what you want or need in business. Just because you begin your business one way doesn’t mean you can’t change and do something else when you discover what your true passion is.

Entrepreneurs think success only has to do with money. Yet, you can have all the money in the world and still be unhappy within your business relationships because of some underlying issues around your mindset that you have yet to transform.

What entrepreneurs don’t realize about shifting your mindset is that first you must be allowing and committed in seeing a shift in your mindset. Then, for a true shift in mindset to occur, you must allow empathy to come flooding into your mind and your business.

* * *

Hi Big Thinker!

Are There Real Secrets to Success?

One of the most common questions I’m asked around growing a business is what it the real secret to success in business? People are always surprised at my answer. The answer is true whether the business or economy is doing really well (how did my colleague make six figures last year when I only made five?), really poorly (where can I direct my business that’s safe?), or in between (is it time to get back in the game yet?).

As you can see from these typical questions, the tendency of most entrepreneurs is to be really confident ( in some cases greedy) when their business is doing well ( invest in themselves when business is going well), get out and make fear based decisions (panic) when the business and the economy isn’t doing so well ( stop investing in themselves or their business when business or the economy is slower), and then wait, and even become paralyzed by fear and worry for the business or economy to recover before getting back in (invest in themselves and their business when the economy is booming again).

As a result, the average entrepreneur earned less last year even though some entrepreneurs earned more, made more of a difference, doing what they love last year in their business. You can see for yourself how the impacts of fearful thinking and limiting beliefs have played out in your business. (Keep in mind that around half of entrepreneurs have been earning less than that but don’t worry, I’m sure everyone reading this is above average.)

Think the problem is just with limiting beliefs and fear? Think again. Some of the thing to overcome in business is fear of failure, lack of energy, lack of get-up-and-go, and believing that success only has to do with money.

So what can you do in to avoid this fate? You can find lots of answers from mindset and marketing “gurus” on blogs, newsletters, programs, and your brother-in-law who made some money in business once. But if you’re looking for the “secrets” to success here they are, and I share with you my answers to real success.

Here’s to BIG dreams!

Master Business Coach and Mentor Beverly Boston

Learn about the One Simple Thing that changes everything and my all-new, it’s your sneak peek to my new book, publishing February 2012:

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