Big Thinker Resources Worthy of a Read: Resilience, Your Inner Maverick and Education as the New Marketing

Big Thinker ResourcesWe’ve scoured the Net to find valuable resources worthy of a read from Big Thinkers.  This week’s finds include my advice on resilience as an entrepreneur, how to release your inner maverick and why you would want to do it and an exploration into why education is the new marketing.  Let’s dive in!

Video: Is Your Company Making These Common SEO Mistakes?

Shama Kabani, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group is the face of today’s digital world, and represents the best her generation has to offer. She has aptly been dubbed the “master millennial of the universe” and “an online marketing shaman” by Fast  She explores SEO mistakes you might be making now.

Clear Your Mind, Walk Your Truth

Life exists where the evidences stop, where the eyes can’t see and where the mind can’t fathom any longer. Life lies within the obvious and while the obvious is part of it, it only expresses the denser version of what Life truly Is.

Practical Strategies for Inspiring Your Inner Maverick

The common denominator among successful entrepreneurs is their ability to execute ideas. But very best entrepreneurs become great by dreaming up great ideas to execute.

How to “Use Facebook as Page” to Raise Brand Awareness and Gain Fans

When Facebook redesigned Pages in February 2011 one of the features it implemented was the ability for administrators to use Facebook ‘as’ their Page (as opposed to as a user), providing access to additional tools and allowing admins to interact and engage in and around Facebook as their brand. Here we’ll walk-through how to “Use Facebook as Page” to gain exposure for your Page and increase your Like count.

Education is the New Marketing

I have mixed feelings about suggesting that people forgo or drop out of college, but I believe we are seeing a trend worth noting. People are looking to non-traditional sources to learn from. Education and business are merging. How can you take advantage of this trend and integrate education into your marketing mix?

Did You Miss These?

Successful Entrepreneurs are Resilient

Did you know that every successful entrepreneur and executive has one thing that they share in common? They all have a strong and solid level of emotional resilience. Was it something that they were born with? No. For the most part they learned it as a skill that is absolutely essential to thrive in business.

Online Habits That Make Your Business Easy Breezy! (And Profitable)

I am always asked for some tips and strategies by coaching clients on how to make their online experience easier so that they can spend more time speaking with their clients, while improving their client and business attraction. They just want it to be easy breezy and simple, and of course, profitable.

Have you found resources that you think should be added to this list?  We’d love to see them, post a comment below 🙂